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My Zerotherm Nirvana NV120 Premium HSF

ZEROtherm is engineered for the objective of decreasing noise into the “ZERO” range while effectively addressing thermal issues. ZEROtherm products are optimized cooling solutions to reduce both noise and heat. Our core thermal packaging technology (including heat pipe technology and micro electro mechanical technology) is the basis for all ZEROtherm products. We bought almost 10units [...]

My Monster Intel QuadCore Q9300 Processor

I waited for it and now its mine. Quadcore processors are way faster than my AMD Dualcore 4000+. Intel’s Core 2 Q9300 processor is fabricated using the 45nm process. The Q9300 is built from the same basic ingredient as Intel’s other 45nm processors code-named Penryn. This chip is the “Yorkfield” Core Architecture.

My Enzotech Monster HSF

The Enzotech is not the best air cooler but I’m very happy with it. It’s big and can accommodate 120mm fan. See the pics…. Compatible with all single, dual-core and quad-core CPUs for Intel® Socket 775 and AMD™ Sockets K8/AM2/754/939/940 The base of the Heat Sink is machined to 0.0003 per inch run-out, which optimizes [...]

My ASUS Silent Square HSF

It’s a tower HSF with 5 heat pipes and a 92mm fan sandwich by the fins. It’s like a Tuniq 120 but not as powerful because of the Asus smaller fan. You must take out the motherboard to install it. Check the pics here… Silent Square Series Ultra Silent for Ultimate Performance CPU Support Intel® [...]

My Intel Core2Duo E6420

My Intel Core2Duo E4500 – intel confidential processor

I’m very curious about Intel Engineering Sample (ES) processor or should i say an Intel chip with labels “Intel Confidential”. I was lucky enough to buy an Intel Confidential E4500 with markings “QYQV ES MALAY”. The performance is the same as a retail Core2Duo E4500. According to an Intel Article ” How to Obtain an [...]

Executive Chair with wood armrest

Brand new

Music 21 Makati Pictures

music starts @ 8:30pm and ends @ 11pm. after singing on top of their lungs, its time to chill out in starbucks yupangco building located in reposo. View post for more pictures (warning image overload)…

Friday Gimik: Music 21 Plaza

what? Jem and Pam’s Birthday Party Where? Music 21 Plaza in Jupiter When? 8pm till 11pm next stop is starbucks (request ni Glang) Confirmed Attendee’s Jem Glang Tin Tonsy Aileen Kat Alex Conrad Ogie Jules Ellie Ann Orland Francis Me, Myself and I

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