I’m very curious about Intel Engineering Sample (ES) processor or should i say an Intel chip with labels “Intel Confidential”. I was lucky enough to buy an Intel Confidential E4500 with markings “QYQV ES MALAY”. The performance is the same as a retail Core2Duo E4500.

According to an Intel Article ” How to Obtain an Engineering Sample Processor”

“Engineering sample processors (also known as ES processors) are not intended to be offered for sale or resale to the general public. ES processors are considered “Intel Confidential” processors and are only to be used within Intel or by AUTHORIZED personnel outside of Intel for purposes of testing, evaluating, and/or pre-configuring systems. Every ES processor that is “Loaned” outside of Intel is done so under strict contractual agreements or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to assure the protection of Intel’s intellectual property and the unit during the time it is “Loaned” out.

ES processors are available to those who qualify for, and obtain, an NDA. An Intel® Authorized Distributor can assist with the application to obtain an NDA. There are no other means to obtain sample processors from Intel Customer Support.  Engineering sample processors are designed and built like normal processors, but offer additional features for testing purposes. These processors are not packaged or labeled for sale to consumers, and may incur damage when tested by system builders.

To determine if a processor is an engineering sample, refer to the processor markings. The Q-spec (a four-digit or five-digit code) will begin with the letter ‘Q’ instead of the standard letter ‘S’ which is used for production processors. Engineering Sample processors may also have the words ES located after the Q-spec or the words INTEL CONFIDENTIAL marked on them.

Engineering samples are not supported by Intel Customer Support and are not eligible for warranty service.

If you have received an engineering sample processor from a vendor, and you would like a production processor, contact your vendor for replacement information.
Engineering sample processors from Intel are property of Intel Corporation.”

How to Obtain an Engineering Sample Processor

the photo says it all