The revolutionary Astone Ultra Mobile PC based on the VIA NanoBook Ultra Mobility Platform. The UMPC lets you bring the full Internet experience with you wherever you go. The Astone UMPC’s bright 7Inch touchscreen provides an optimal mobile web-browsing experience, while the full-size keyboard means you don’t have sacrifice comfort for mobility. Weighing in at 850 grams, the Astone UMPC is less than 30mm thick making it a snap to pull out and grab that crucial bit of information you have stashed away. Best of all the VIA Ultra Mobility Platform, based on the the incredibly power efficient VIA C7-M processor, allows your Mobility 2.0 Internet experience to extend beyond the 4 hour mark.

Features and Benefits

Full Internet Experience
The Astone UMPC is compatible to runs the same full version of Microsoft Windows XP your desktop at home does. This means you get access to the web-browser that you are familiar with and all your websites behave exactly as they would at home. Watch streaming videos on YouTube, check your e-mail, make new friends on MySpace, use the Internet how you want to. The Astone UMPC gives you the full Internet experience, on the go. MobilityPLUS Modules extend the devices Internet utility by offering optional Bluetooth VoIP Phone, GPS, DVB, 3G/CDMA or Clock capabilities.

Ultra Mobile Size
With a bright 7Inch touchscreen display, full-size keyboard, touchpad, Wifi and Bluetooth, it’s hard to believe the Astone UMPC weighs only 850 grams and is less than 30mm thick. Careful analysis of the ultra mobile device market has resulted in a device with the optimal balance of productivity with portability. The full-size keyboard allows you to type at full speed, one of the biggest requests put forth by ultra mobile users. The Astone UMPC’s 7Inch screen displays video, images, and text without straining your eyes.

Long Battery Life
The ultra low power consumption of the VIA Ultra Mobility Platform enables the Astone UMPC to extend beyond 4 hours of battery life. The Astone UMPC is designed for bursts of productivity sprinkled throughout your day. Its incredible battery life lets you gain access to your information when you need it, where you need it, all day long. Get away from your desk with all those peripherals and the confining shackles of the traditional wired world. Get out and enjoy the freedom of ultra mobility.

VIA Ultra Mobility Platform
The VIA Ultra Mobility Platform consists of the VIA C7-M processor and the VIA VX700 chipset. No other x86 platform delivers all the portable performance you need on just 7W of power. Besides being incredibly efficient, the VIA Ultra Mobility Platform is incredibly small, through years of technological refinement VIA has reduced the footprint of the platform to enable the smallest, thinnest and longest lasting ultra mobile devices on the market.

VIA C7-M ULV Processor
Based on the VIA CoolStream architecture, and manufactured using IBM’s 90nm SOI process, the VIA C7-M ULV processors are available at speeds from 1.0-1.5GHz with a maximum thermal design power (TDP) as low as 3.5 watts, and idle power as little as 0.1 watt ensuring unparalleled battery life. This is complemented by a low profile nanoBGA2 package measuring just 21mm x 21mm enabling designs with drastically reduced weight, size, and thickness.

VIA VX700 Mobile System Media Processor
The VIA VX700 breaks new ground by enabling platforms for the smallest, coolest and lightest systems. Designed specifically for today’s ultra thin’n'light notebooks and ultra mobile devices, the VIA VX700 integrates all the cutting-edge features of a modern chipset’s North and South bridges into a single chip package measuring just 35mm x 35mm, generating a silicon real estate saving of over 42%.

Rich I/O Connectivity and Additional Features
BlueTooth, Wifi, Ethernet capability and a 4 in-1 card reader means connecting and staying connected to the Internet and all your peripherals and devices is a breeze without the hassle of more cords and wires which further increases your ability to stay conveniently mobile. Providing additional flexibility, the Astone UMPC also features a USB slot next to the screen that will enable the snap-in integration of a variety of World Time Clock/Calendar, GPS, VOIP, and broadband wireless modules. Full native x86 compatibility ensures that the Astone UMPC runs a complete range of Microsoft Windows and popular Linux operating systems.


* Processor: VIA C7-M ULV 1.2Ghz (FSB400) on-board
* Chipset: VX700
* Graphics: integrated VX700
* Audio: VT1708A, with 2 internal 1.5W built-in speaker
* Monitor: 7″ LCD Touch Screen with Handwriting capability, WVGA 800×480
* LAN: 10 Base-T/100 Base TX LAN
* Bluetooth: Yes, USB interface
* Wireless LAN: Yes, IEEE 802.11b/g, USB 2.0 mini card
* Battery: 4-cell 2200mAh
* I/O: DVi-I, USB 2x, mic-in/Array Mic 1x, Headphone out/Line-out 1x, RJ45 1x
* Webcam: Yes, modular 0.3MP Camera
* Card Reader: Yes, 4-in-1 (for SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro)
* Dimension: 230×171×29.4mm
* Weight: 0.97kg
* Memory: 1GB DDR 667
* HDD: 60GB (1.8″ HDD)
* OS: Open OS (Windows XP Compatible)