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My Intel Pentium E5200

The Intel E5200 belongs to the Pentium brand. This is theĀ  entry level 45mm process and based on Wolfdale core. It also has similar characteristics to its bigger brother the Core2Duo. E5200 Clock speed: 2.5Ghz FSB: 800Mhz L2: 2mb TPD: 65 watts Stock Slight overclocked

My Intel Core2Duo E6420

My Intel Core2Duo E4500 – intel confidential processor

I’m very curious about Intel Engineering Sample (ES) processor or should i say an Intel chip with labels “Intel Confidential”. I was lucky enough to buy an Intel Confidential E4500 with markings “QYQV ES MALAY”. The performance is the same as a retail Core2Duo E4500. According to an Intel Article ” How to Obtain an [...]